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Health & Wellness Coach | Retreat Leader

Gut | Hormone | Mindset


Are you feeling overwhelmed by chronic fatigue, bloating, or persistent stress? Do hormone imbalances and gut issues like constipation and PMS disrupt your daily life?


It's time to reclaim your health and well-being with tailored, transformative coaching programs designed to meet your unique needs.

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Shanelle Butler

I’m Shanelle

Health & Wellness Coach | Retreat Leader

Fun Fact About Me: I'm a Health and Wellness Coach who is a Foodie but also thinks food is over-rated...

I think so because we spend so much of our time thinking about food. Most people don't understand the nutritional value of the food that we consume every day and celebrate over. We don't understand how food dictates the dis-eases and discomforts we carry in our body, the effects it can have on our energy levels, our moods, thoughts and productivity.

Through personalized coaching programs and wellness retreats, I help clients to elevate their energy, adopt healthier habits, manage stress, and achieve their wellness goals.

Explore Self-Paced Women's Health Programs

Models in Bodysuits

Targeted at balancing your hormones to enhance energy, mood, and overall health.

6-Week Hormone Optimization Program

Focused on improving digestion, reducing bloating, and boosting gut health for long-term wellness.

8-Week Restore Your Gut Health Program

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Explore VIP and 1:1 Coaching: For A Personalized Approach

Healthy Woman

 A comprehensive, fast-track session to jumpstart your health journey with a detailed plan and ongoing support.

1-Day VIP Intensive

Personalized coaching to help you make sustainable lifestyle changes and achieve long-term wellness goals.

1:1 4-Month Reboot Coaching Program

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Benefits of Coaching

My personalized approach ensures that each program is tailored to your specific health concerns and goals. By addressing root causes like stress and limiting beliefs, not just symptoms, I offer holistic health solutions. Benefit from my extensive experience and proven strategies for lasting results. With continuous support and accountability, coaching with me can boost your energy, improve digestion and gut health, balance hormones, reduce stress and anxiety, and help you achieve sustainable lifestyle changes.

What People Like You Are Saying

Talisha Doyle

The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning this detox program is my skin. It has evened out and cleared up significantly. I have also lost 8 pounds. This program helped me to reach my goals by showing me that detox and self-care is not just about what foods I put in my body but also the things that I put on my skin, the thoughts I choose to think, and stressors in my environment. It has shifted my view in how I approach my condition."

Mrs. Doyle also highlighted the unique support she received during the program: "I have never done a program that gave me the support and encouragement I experienced with Wholistic Synergy. I would describe Shanelle's support as very real and genuine. I never felt judged and I felt like she understood what I was experiencing with my health concerns because she was very open and shared her own personal experiences also."

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