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Therapeutic Massage Programs In Barbados

Aromatherapy Care

Signature Aromatherapy Care


Detox provides relief for muscular tension, congestion, bloating and digestive discomfort.  

Detox relieves muscular tension from the body while calming the nervous system to encourage deep breathing and relaxation. Specially blended oils promotes digestive peristalsis, while decreasing bloating and gas. 

This treatment begins with a mineral salt foot treatment followed by a full body massage using deep tissue techniques to release tension within the body. Digestive discomfort is relieved through abdominal massage and informed self care. On arrival choose from my specially selected collection of essential oils to begin your healing journey.

$380 / 90 mins


For low energy levels due to stress, over-activity, or injury. Improve immunity and balance hormones.

Energizing and uplifting!

In this bustling world its easy for our body and mind to become depleted and to feel as if we are out of control.  All this time our immune, nervous and endocrine systems are being compromised leading to illness. Imbuing vitality and comfort, Restore begins with a mineral salt foot treatment and focuses on an infusion of pressure point therapy and lymphatic drainage techniques which inspires a sense of complete restoration. With the use of our specially selected essential oil blends and informed self care, restore your mind and body back to optimal health!

$380 / 90 mins


For those who feel emotionally stressed and disconnected from life or self. Balance also provides comfort and

console for loss of any kind.

In our times of disconnect and loss, sometimes we lose our passion and zest for life. As a massage therapist, I know that massage and touch are powerful tools that gives a comforting feeling, a sense of security and love. Balance begins with a mineral salt foot treatment, followed by face and scalp massage. Body massage is performed using light to medium pressure, with long relaxing strokes.


With the use of our specially chosen essential oil blends, your experience will be transformed to be truly memorable. Informed self care is always given at each session making your treatment a holistic one.

$380 / 90 mins

Massage &


Personalised Massage

Deep Tissue

Deep Tissue massage uses a very firm pressure to relieve tension from the deeper layers of the muscle and connective tissues. It focuses of chronic aches and pains and contracted areas such as stiff neck or lower back pain.


Deep tissue massage does not need to be painful, but tolerable enough for the muscle to respond to the pressure given, encouraging looser tissue.

$300 / 75 mins  |  $340 / 90 mins


Swedish massage is a popular style of massage using long, rhythmic and tapping strokes on the top most layers of the muscles. This is a freestyle massage and like all other massage types, caters to the request of the client.


Swedish massage is a lighter pressure massage to relieve general tension from the body but does not focus on manipulation of the deeper muscle tissue.

$250 / 75 mins  |  $280 / 90 mins

Personalized Massage

This massage allows you to choose a Swedish or Deep Tissue style massage, ranging from light to deep pressure.


This treatment is for someone who requires additional massage techniques, or modalities such as Lymphatic drainage, stretching or pressure point work.

$400 / 90 mins

Thai Foot Massage

Feel your feet and the 100,000 nerve endings in each foot ready for stimulation. In Thai foot massage pressure is applied to the soles of the feet using thumbs, knuckles, broad massage strokes and stretching of the feet and legs to relieve tension, not just from the feet and legs but also the hips and knees. Reflexology is performed in this treatment using a rounded wooden thai stick to stimulate reflex points, relieving blockages from meridian lines under the feet, while addressing imbalance about the body.


Thai foot massage is prized for its many benefits, including deep relaxation, relieving emotional blockages, improved digestion, constipation relief and reduced muscular pain and swelling. This miracle worker includes a mineral salt treatment for increased activity throughout the body.

$180 / 75 mins

Add on services

Add-On Services

spa stones
Indian Head Scalp Massage

Indian Head Massage as you have guessed it have been a part of some cultures of India for centuries as a ritual for many celebrations and treatment. This invigorating scalp massage is great for persons with frequent headaches, stress, sinusitis and upper back and neck tension.

$50/30 mins

$175/60 mins(full service) 

Mineral Foot Bath

Included in our Aromatherapy Massage is this Mineral Foot Bath that can be added onto any other treatment. Foot baths with salts, dried flowers & aromatherapy oils have the ability to relax the mind and body even before massage has started which allows for deeper relaxation and grounding.

$50.00/15 mins

Facial Massage

Facial Massage is included into every treatment for approximately 5-7 minutes but for persons who would like to have specific work done this can be a wonderful option.The face is a part of the body that we tend not to feel as much tension but holds a lot, especially in persons who tend to clench/grind their teeth and those who lead high stress lives. The benefits of facial massage are plentiful, from TMJ tension to sinus pressure, tension headaches and for general relaxation, you are sure to take a nap during this session.

$40.00/30 mins

for a longer time please contact me directly

Basalt Hot Stones

Hot stones are great for releasing tension deep within the muscle, especially for those are carry lots of tension but are sensitive to a firm pressure. It is also good for old injuries and arthritis pain, as long as the are is not inflamed. Many clients also choose this treatment because they relax with heat.



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