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"A virtual seasonal detox retreat you don't want to miss..."



What if you could


What if you could wake up in the morning feeling rested and have steady energy all day long, without the afternoon crashes that have you reaching for the closest hit of sugar or caffeine? (or couch for a midday nap!)


What better way to detox than begin with the stressors of our life and learning how to cope and manage stress and anxiety?! Afterall, majority of our pain and discomfort comes from stress!


What if you could master your cravings over a period of time and learn which food groups and super foods you can use to nip them in the bud?! Cravings can make us spend more money than we would like to, prevent us from dropping those few extra pounds and affect our health if we have a pressing condition. 


As one of my teachers once told every culture and continent across the world we are taught that self-care or self love is selfish. We are taught to take care of others and that makes you a good person. We often find it difficult to take the time we need for ourselves to reflect and pamper, or invest money into our health and peace or to even thank your body for doing such an amazing job at keeping us alive and thriving in whatever way that may be. I will teach you physical and emotional tools to assist you in this process of self-care.

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-Mrs. Doyle

The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning this detox program is my skin. It has evened out and cleared up significantly. I have also lost 8 pounds. This program helped me to reach my goals by showing me that detox and self care is not just about what foods I put in my body but also the things that I put on my skin, the thoughts I chose to think and stressors in my environment. It has shifted my view in how I approach my condition.

Introducing The Mind-Body Whole-Food Cleanse Retreat: Reduce Stress, Lose a few pounds, Boost Your Energy & Discover a whole NEW YOU...In 14 days!


This 14-day virtual retreat we will teach you the fundamentals of how to nourish & cleanse your body each season, we take it another step further and include mindfulness meditation and movement & mobility exercise class virtually or in studio (your choice), because cleansing is not just about the body it is also about your mindset and the perception of ourselves and the world around us. Reducing and learning how to cope with stress and anxiety is one of the major practices for self care and health.
Our 14-day Retreat is different from many detox programs out there which can be tough on the mind and body. The recipes in your recipe book you will give your body what it needs to be nourished. It’s not about depriving or restricting or counting steps and points and it certainly isn’t about anything involving low-fat, low-cal, low-taste meals every day of your life! Because who wants to do that anyway??? Definitely not us!

If you give us 14-days to guide you and you show up powerfully for yourself during this program, you’ll experience a relationship with food, eating and your whole body that feeds you on a deeper level, nourishing you from the inside out.  Give your body a break from foods that are keeping you from feeling and looking your best. Because we know that toxins (including unresolved emotions) can be stored in fat tissues, we’re not stopping with just a menu plan. Each day we will send you some practical & soulful ways to deepen your nourishing and cleansing experience from the inside out.

You’ll be nourishing your body, your mind and your spirit in ways you likely never have, and it’s going to feel amazing. Like we said up front, you’ll be nourishing + cleansing both physically and emotionally. This reset is going to be one of the best things you’ve done for yourself in a very long time. We promise.


I have never done a program that gave me the support and encouragement I experienced with Wholistic synergy. I would describe Shanelle's support as very real and genuine. I never felt judged and I felt like she understood what I was experiencing with my health concerns because she was very open and shared her own personal experiences also.          


Every season our bodies need some good lovin’ and detoxing is the best way to do so effectively and safely. You may have been gaining some weight and you may be feeling sluggish.  You may be getting sick more often than usual.
Your body is in overdrive because toxins in your body are taking up too much energy.

It’s time to get rid of them!

By going through the 4 phases of detoxification and elimination, then the phases of reintroducing foods to see which foods are fueling or depleting the body:

Some of my clients have experienced

  1. Clearer skin if they have acne, or if the face is dull it gives a glow/lift

  2. Weight loss

  3. Less muscle pain and sore joints

  4. Better moods

  5. Boost of energy

  6. Balance blood sugar and kick sugar cravings

  7. Reduce bloating and gas

  8. Improves bowel movements

So what this detox is not about?

  1. Counting calories

  2. Food deprivation

  3. Low Fat/High Protein

  4. No special diet


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Food Diary

Food has the power to either fuel us or deplete us. Too often we are not aware of the physical and emotional effects foods has on our mind and body. Tracking what you eat and writing how you feel gives you insight to which foods serve you.

Hands Touching

Physical & Emotional Wellness Kit

Use this kit to lessen stress in your body and mind, support your detox organs and create your routine of self care for pampering.

Fruits and Nuts Yogurt

2 Recipe Guides 

All the recipes you’ll need for this 14-day program including smoothies, breakfast options, lunch & dinner, with vegetarian and omnivore options. These recipes act as a guide so feel free to switch up where necessary.

For Barbadian Residents Only: If you'd like to have your meals prepared and delivered to you please contact me privately.

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A comprehensive and beautiful guidebook {pdf} with an overview of the entire program, including mindful ways to approach this Detox, your guided daily schedule, 14 day menu plan, prep list, shopping list, nutrition boosts, toxicity quiz, detox and drainage support.

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Support Group

A private Facebook group will help keep you accountable with additional encouragement, support and inspiration. PLUS, you’ll have direct access to your team in this group to ask your burning questions during these 14 days. (This group is optional for you, not required).


Movement & Guided Meditation

What does it mean to detox without physical movement and mindfulness? Studies have shown that Meditation and Movement are optimal for anxiety, depression and stress. You will have a one hour Workshop and guided meditation on Self Love and on another day with Pilates Instructor for one hour to support mind and body.


When I started sessions with Lana I was managing stress and lower back pain. I now have better breathing techniques and less discomfort in my lower back. The classes are intimate and cater to all sizes and levels of ability. I enjoy the environment, individual attention and encouragement I get in class.


I know that beginning a detox or deciding on any lifestyle change can make you feel anxious about your ability to succeed based on past attempts, lack of support or possibly missing foods and snacks you really enjoy. One can also feel anxious during a detox for various reasons; you may be scared of missing out on your version of good food, you may experience unexplained cravings (and this is just you mind playing games with you) or Friday night fast food, the anxiety may come from having to plan and prepare meals etc. This is why you have the guidance and support of myself (Shanelle), your Health Coach and (Lana & Sarah), your Pilates & Meditation teachers. We are here for you throughout this entire journey, to answer any questions necessary.

Detoxing the mind is a part of detoxing the body since a lot of what we experience in our bodies comes from the mind (emotional stress) and how we respond to and perceive the world around us.

Meet Shanelle Your Health Coach

As a health and wellness practitioner for over a decade, my first passion and love was, and still is Massage Therapy and Esthetics, I spent most of my years working in luxury spas across Barbados, in which I gained tons of experience and knowledge about the human body, lifestyle and wellness. After having undiagnosed, unexplained symptoms of hormonal imbalances and digestive woes, I spent a few years doing tons of research and experimenting until I finally healed myself. During my health struggles I had to turn to my intuition and own knowledge as a therapist to "fix" my problems, and a lot of this involved mind-set change. It was after realizing that the most simple things in life are used for healing that I decided to study Holistic Nutrition to become certified as a Health Coach. 

Shanelle Butler
Meet Lana Sealy

Meet Lana Sealy

Lana Sealy moved to New York City to study dance with the Merce Cunnigham Dance Company after gaining her Bachelors’s Degree at New World School of the Arts in Miami. While dancing in New York, Lana received her Pilates Certification at the Kane School of Core Integration and later became a Buff Bones Instructor, with a passion for bone health, scoliosis, and osteoporosis.

Lana transitioned back to Barbados by teaching dance at the Errol Barrow Centre of Creative Imagination at the University of the West Indies. This is where her love for bio-mechanics and mindful movement have rebelled into a fusion of disciplines with a common thread which she houses at Body Mekanix.

Lana’s journey has merged her knowledge of moving with her yoga training to fuse movement principles into healthy ways of using the body fully; not just anatomically, but functionally, physically, and spiritually.

Meet Sarah of Mettitation

At the heart of Sarah’s practice is the ancient Mettā Meditation, the meditation of loving kindness, a serene meditation technique which cultivates heart coherence and the physiological and emotional benefits which follow. Alongside the practice of mettā, Sarah incorporates the traditions of Zen and Vipassana to assist with healing, bring balance and spark her students’ interest in the varied and rewarding practice of meditation and mindfulness. 


Sarah’s journey to meditation coaching and guidance began a decade ago with Reiki, in which she has three levels, including Master level, and is currently embarked on a program to receive Reiki Teacher level, an in depth program of self introspection and understanding of the human condition, shadowing her Reiki Master, Susie Gessey.


Sarah has recently completed her teacher training with Calm Birth, an organisation which has created a meditation program specifically for pregnancy, birth and parents.

Meet Sarah of Mettitation


I was having major insomnia before joining Sarah's Meditation Practice, I am not only sleeping like a baby now but I've learnt so much more it's humbling. Though I'm still learning with my practice, I never would have been so grounded without your teaching. I would definitely recommend to everyone. 

14 Day Mind & Body
Seasonal Detox Retreat Dates:


January 10th-23rd, 2022


April 25th-8th May, 2022


September 26th-3rd October, 2022

$99 BBD Early Bird



Once you register, you'll receive a confirmation email from us to chose your preferred payment option. Then, on the Tuesday prior to our start date you'll get an email that has everything you need to get prepare, including your guides with the menu plan, recipes and shopping list. You'll also receive your personal invitation to our Facebook Group & Zoom Links for our meetings. Your first daily email will hit your inbox on Saturday with the following day's plan and your Daily Bite, aka food for the mind and spirit. We conduct a kick off call to answer any questions, but also to introduce the team behind this program and to talk about some of the details included. Details for this call will be announced on a later date. Prior to the start of the cleanse will be your Self Love discussion and meditation with Sarah.


You will be guided through a 60 minute movement and mobility exercise class with Lana. These sessions are available in studio or on zoom. These sessions will be recorded for persons who weren't able to make it. A bonus guide of Physical & Emotional Wellness tools & tips will be delivered to your inbox from Shanelle. You will also be able to connect with other amazing members like yourself in our Facebook group for encouragement, inspiration and support (the Facebook group is optional - and amazing - but not required). Together we will help you problem solve and overcome any obstacles you're experiencing.


We'll also help you transition out of the 14 days with our wrap up call so that you know how to continue to nourish yourself in ways that help you flourish. You’ll also be invited to continue working me through private coaching if you’d like ongoing support.

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