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The Power of Positive Affirmations for Living a Stress-free Life

the power of positive affirmations for living a stress free life

Life is a rollercoaster ride with ups and downs. We are facing stress daily in the news, in our relationships, careers, finances, politics… you name it. How easy it is to get trapped in a negative loop of worry, anxiety and fear!

Positive affirmations can help manage stress and create a positive and happier life. If you are in a stressful situation, are overthinking or unsure how to break the cycle of negativity, then turning your course towards some beautiful positive affirmations can be helpful.

Louise Hay is perhaps one of the most influential figures in mind/body healing. She taught “that your point of power is always in the present moment, where you plant the mental seeds for creating new experiences. You’re never stuck, for you can choose new thoughts and new ways of thinking. Your future can always be more positive, more loving, and more prosperous. Think about how you’d like to live and what you’d like to accomplish as you read affirmations out loud.”[1]

Positive affirmations can boost your mood and shift your thoughts out of negative patterns. Let’s explore the power of positive affirmations.

Here are some of the best positive affirmations that you must keep telling yourself, to relieve stress and embrace positive thoughts!

I can go the other way:

The best way to move away from negativity is to go the other way, and the other direction is positivity. I can change the course of my thoughts and dig for positivity.

I find joy in myself:

When you see someone achieving something that you have been trying for really severely, you are going to feel bad. You are going to see them living a joy that you have been craving. This is when you need to tell yourself that the joy I see in someone else, is possible for me too. Supporting someone’s success or pleasure is not going to ruin my happiness or success. I will find my path towards it, even if it is a little more time taking.

Love is an option right now:

Tell yourself this in every stressful situation; love is an option. What is the most lovely thing that I can do right now? Whatever comes to your mind, do that.

I release all negativity:

I am ready to let go of things that do not serve me. Relationships, weight, fears; anything that is holding me back, weighing me down or making my heart heavy.

I am willing to change my life:

I am ready to experience a change in my life. As I believe in it, the change has already begun for me and will undoubtedly make my life better.

I deserve a peaceful life:

I deserve all the happiness and peace in life. Anyone who is disrupting the process of it doesn’t have to be a permanent part of it. In situations where you are surrounded by people who demotivate you and stress you out, this affirmation will rebuild your faith in you.

I believe in freedom:

I do not need to hold myself from feelings of joy, love and peace. I will be healed when I believe that the freedom to feel positive emotions is the perfect way to recover from negativity and can provide me with the happiness that I seek.

There are so many positive affirmations[2] that you can tell yourself in bad times and manage stress. It is all about talking positively to yourself. Your worst situation can change course with a little positive intervention. The power of positive affirmations can help you achieve a stress-free life. It is calling you, embrace it!

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